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So am I bipolar or what?

January 18, 2007

So maybe it’s the week for these things.  Or perhaps me and him have the same star sign or something. 

Today I was back seeing my Money Advisor at the Citizens Advice Bureau and then on to see my GP.

And over at Experimental Chimp I find this post.

Spooky No?

So now it feels like I’m going to write a not so original post, but what the hell…I’ll write it down anyway.

For everyone who has been checking in to make sure I’m okay, I’m glad to report that I’m feeling much better.  Slightly fuzzy round the edges.  I slept from 5.30 last night till 7 this morning.  But none the less a lot better shape than I was at the start of this week.

I’m clean and tidy.  My teeth are brushed, my hair is still frantic but smells clean, I am wearing fresh clothes and look pretty much like this…

kate winslet at oscars

Okay maybe not quite like that.  They’d probably section me if I turned up like at the doctors looking like that.  But I certainly feel more like that.  This is all good.

And I made it to both of my appointments.

So Money Advisor first.

Well after much discussing of the pros and cons it seems I am going to sign up for the Debt Arrangement Scheme.  After long discussion of situation and pros and cons it seems like the best option.  It means we keep our house and thats the important thing.

The downside to this is I’ll need to commit to making my DAS payment for the next SEVEN YEARS.

I’ve never commited to anything for seven years. 

My first marriage barely lasted that long.

Still.  Needs must and all that.  Mr P came with me and he agrees it seems like the most sensible option in the long run.

My next task was the doctors visit.

This is were Mr P was invaluable. 

It was the very pleasant eccentric doctor again. 

I like him.  I think he regonises my madness and he is always running late for his appointments because, not only is he thorough, but he also treats you like an intelligent human being. 

I like this in a doctor.

So I start trying to explain my recent ups and downs.

Mr P adds his tuppence worth with a very detailed (and useful) list of my mood swings seen from his pespective.  A few concerns about my alcohol abuse (which admittedly I would probably have stayed quiet about, but hey, the doctor is best to know about it) and most importantly a sense of back-up.  I felt for the first time since I started seeing my doctor over two years ago that I had proof of how badly this illness affects me.

Dr eccentric nods and asks questions, how long are these lasting etc, looks at the letter they received from Mental Health team. 

Says apparently Mental Health Team didn’t say anything in the letter about bipolar


(So do I have it or not?)

only that I would need to remain on antidepressants for the very long term, perhaps indefinately. 

But Dr eccentric agrees that given my symptoms bipolar would be his guess too. 

I explained that Mental Health Team told me it was Bipolar, I’m  a bit confused here…and he’s like hmmmm, but I don’t sense he’s doubting me.  (I do know what they told me)

And in his opinion it does sound like I’ll need perhaps to be on a mood stabiliser, Lithium or Sodium Valproate but he is going to discuss this with the psychiatric consultant first.

Meanwhile he’s upped my citalopram to 60mg per day.

I’ve to go back and see him in four weeks time, or sooner if I feel like I’m getting worse. (He gave me a wee pat on the hand when he said that)  By which time “they” will have decided if I’m to get a mood stabiliser or not.

He asked Mr P how he is coping and gave him a pep talk about looking after himself. 

He (reluctantly I felt) gave me another sick line.  He said he would hope that I would be back in the workplace sooner rather than later.  I guess he means well.

So…no nearer any kind of cure and if anything really confused. 

I mean here’s me having spent months after being “diagnosed” now being told well yes it does look like thats what you’ve got but the people who were meant to tell us haven’t done so.

I’ve written a blog about it for fucks sake.

Puddlejumper’s well-we’re-not-quite-sure-you’re-certainly-depressed-forever-but-we-need-to-double-check-with-the-bipolar-thing World  it just hasn’t got the same ring to it. You know?

It doesn’t make sense.  Even speaking to everyone who has been properly diagnosed on here.  There are symptoms you all talk about and I’m like YES I sooooooooooo get that!

More confused than ever.

Feel reluctant about upping my anti-D’s.  I don’t feel they’ve helped other than to take away the suicidal urges.  But my mood swings are worse than ever.  And seem to be quicker and more intense than in previous years.  Years ago there have been long term “spells” where I have exhibited hypomanic symptoms, drinking, spending, extremely creative, promiscuous periods of my life.  Followed by huge downs lasting months at a time.

Since they last upped me to 40mg I have felt all over the place.  I don’t know from one day to the next and I seem to swing wildly from being energetic, optimistic and unable to sleep (and hyper focussed on things to the exclusion of all else -according to Mr P, though I don’t have much awareness of this) to being utterly depressed and exhausted.

So much for my faith in the NHS.

On a more positive note though Mr P has a blog!

And he wrote the sweetest account of being married to an (allegedly now) Bipolar woman.

If you want a read and a chance to go awh, here it is.  Warning.  Its so sweet at the end you may rot your teeth just looking at it.  Isn’t he a honey though?

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Try my fortune cookie test

January 17, 2007

My fortune cookie.  Take one and pass the plate on…

My Fortune Cookie told me:
Where there are visible vapors, having their prevenance in ignited carbonaceous materials, there is conflagration.
Get a cookie from Miss Fortune

“Do you think it’s telling me I should quit smoking?”

Stolen from one of the wonderful collection at Adelaide Green Porridge Cafe

I hate bipolar.

January 17, 2007

Had a bath, got dressed, had something to eat then went back to bed for a while. 

Really not feeling so great. 

Got back up this evening and watched Battlestar Gallactica DVD for a few hours.  Spent half of that time curled up on couch bubbling like a baby.  And no, the DVD’s  not sad…sad maybe in a geek kind of way but not sad unhappy.  I just couldn’t seem to stop crying.  I’m not even sure what I’m crying about.

Like I say… really not doing good today.

At least I probably smell a bit better.  Not that I’d know.  My nose is all bunged up from crying so much.

Mr P is working tomorrow but has Thursday off.  He says if I can hang on till Thursday he will come up to doctors with me. 

How on earth does he put up with me?

All I need to do is get through tomorrow.  Sleep through it if I have to.  Do anything just until I see the doc.  And then what?  I dunno, I’ll worry about that on Thursday. 

I never usually post when I feel as bad as this.  After the event maybe.  Thought I’d try and write this shit down.  Maybe help me when I try to explain how I’m feeling at the doctors?

I feel like I’m in pain.  Like there’s this huge big hurt in me.  Everything feels like too much effort.  Typing this feels like too much effort.  I watched 4 episodes of my favourite series and I barely followed any of it.  Everything feels dark and cold and damp even? Yeah…damp. 

Mr P has said words in a soothing voice for half the evening.  He’s given me hugs and stroked my hair.  All of this helps.  It doesn’t take the hurt away but it makes it bearable. 

I don’t believe a word he says though.

I know, that’s because I’m ill.  I know that.  But knowing that doesn’t change the fact that I don’t believe him.

How fucked up is that?

I’m trying to think of this as being like labour, like childbirth.  I’ve done that right?  It was hard and painful at the time but it didn’t last forever. 

I try to talk myself into thinking this but I don’t really feel it.

Maybe I’ll be fine.

I don’t believe that just now either.

If not I just need to go easy until it either passes or the doctor gives me something to take it away..

Did I mention how much I hate this fucking disease?

Bipolar guide to procrastination

January 16, 2007

My task for today is to have a shower, put on some clean clothes, fix up my hair and my face.

To anyone who has never suffered from depression this probably seems like such a simple act that it may seem strange that I’ve put it at the top of my to-do list.

To those of you who have followed me over recent weeks you may, like myself, have noticed there is a pattern to these things. 

Last week I was complaining I couldn’t sleep.

Well, after my “binge” at the weekend,  I was feeling pretty terrible.  I didn’t sleep at all on Sunday night.  I got the kids off to school yesterday morning despite the fact that I had been awake since I don’t know when on Sunday.  Mr P is working from home for much of this week and so I was able then to go to bed and sleep through until late yesterday evening (11 hours).  I got up watched a bit of TV and went back to bed at midnight.  I slept like a baby until  it was time to get the kids up this morning (7hours).

I’m now struggling to stay awake despite having had 18 hours sleep.


One of the key features of Bipolar is they way it messes up your sleep-wake patterns. 

It can also have a really negative effect your motivation.  And I don’t just mean for big stuff like “I really must get round to completing my degree” but sometimes even the simple things like keeping yourself clean and tidy.

I am slightly ashamed to admit this but I haven’t washed since Saturday.  I’m probably (as Mo’s wife would say) “a bit minging.”

My hair is a greasy mess of rats tails that would probably make even Medusa feel like she was having a particularly bad hair day.

I have been wearing the same pyjamas for the past three days.  (eugh)

I also seem to be developing a cold sore on my bottom lip. (double eugh)

I don’t feel too pretty.

I know, because I’ve educated myself in the ways of depression that this is the unfortunate side effect of my fucked up neural pathways. 

And there is a risk of it becoming a vicious circle. 

I feel yucky therefore I want to curl up and hide away therefore whats the point of getting dressed therefore I don’t therefore I continue to feel yucky….

I know, somewhere deep inside of me, that I would prefer not to be like this and that if I reach down far enough I can find the motivation required to do something about it.  This I believe is what’s known as “insight” i.e. today I realise that it is the disease that’s making me feel this way.

I had no insight yesterday but I am thankful it has returned today.

I’ve kind of talked myself into a deal whereby if I get this post written I will go for a bath and if I do that I can reward myself with watching Battlestar Gallactica series 2 on DVD.  The DVD arrived in the post via Amazon’s rental club this morning.  This is my carrot.

More taxing tasks like trying to get outside for a walk or perhaps even to buy some shopping will have to wait until tomorrow.

I procrastinate my life away.

It’s actually official.  You can test yourself over at the University of Calgary’s site dedicated to the study of procrastination.  I scored in the top 25% of procrastinators. 

Like I didn’t know that already. 

You may of course decide that you’ll do it tomorrow.

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You don’t have to be mad to work here…but now it’s no excuse not to

January 15, 2007

Crackdown on mental illness benefit claims will see stiffer fit-for-work test


THOUSANDS of Incapacity Benefit claimants face losing their handouts as the government ratchets up its campaign to crack down on those failing to work on mental health grounds.

Work and pensions secretary John Hutton has targeted claimants with mental illness as a key element among drastic plans to cut the £13bn bill for sickness benefits paid to 2.7 million people every year. The Department for Work and Pensions has been appalled by the revelation that 40% of IB claimants are suffering from mental conditions such as schizophrenia, stress and anxiety. The figure is twice the number a decade ago.

(Read full article in the Scotsman)

Awh pants!

Just when I thought I was going to have everything so cushy I find out they’re planning to go and take my whole £59.20 a week away.

Because you know, the whole reason I gave up £20k grand a year job was because the government made it sooooo easy for me.


While I welcome any government proposals which might assist me, and others like me, in getting back into the job market I get really pissed off when they try to scapegoat some of the most vulnerable people in society in order to save money.

So folks if this is something you are concerned about then this is the man to make your feelings known to….

John Hutton

John Hutton.  Secretary of State, Department for Work and Pensions and Labour MP for Barrow-in-Furness.  

You can look at his voting record and get a taste for the kinds of things he makes a noise about *here* 

And if you want to contact John to tell him exactly what you think you can find details *here*

(This is from, a resource so excellent I’ve added it to my blogroll)

Reflections at the bottom of the bottle

January 14, 2007

So those of you who check in here regularly may have noticed I’ve been “away” for a couple of days.

To be honest I’m feeling pretty wretched today.  But I thought maybe I’ll come on here and write some of it down and hopefully feel a bit better.

Reasons to not be cheerful #1.  I have had “a few” drinks over the past few days.  And yes this is not good. 

What do I mean by a few?  It may do me good to count them here. 

1 bottle of white wine on Thursday night.  An old friend from work came to visit as she had an interview the next day for my old job.  I was feeling nervous about having company round and I admit I had my first glass before she got here.  Estimated units drunk =9

Friday night.  Mr P made it home albeit 4 hours later than hoped for as they had to shut both harbours for a short while due to the storms.  To celebrate his safe arrival he had a couple of beers and I drank 1/4 litre of vodka. 

Estimated units drunk =9.5

Saturday.  Visited the inlaws.  Sober as I was driving.  Brother-in-law and his girlfriend were there also.  Was nice to see them but Mother-in-law was fussing and making me feel like I had to walk on eggshells in case I accidentally said something she might take offence at.  Felt really uncomfortable the entire time I was there and after a while began making “eye-gestures” at Mr P.  Thankfully he noticed and pointed out that we really had to get back home so the kids could get their dinner.  Thankyou Mr P.

Got back to our house at 6ish and immediately poured myself a vodka and coke.  Mr P wanted to take me out as he said he had been missing me all week.  So I got dressed up a bit, put a face on and off we went to the local pub.  Met a couple of folk we hadn’t seen since christmas.  I was still having to fake enjoying myself.  I really wasn’t in the mood for being sociable.  2 more vodkas then home.  A couple we are friendly with phoned and asked if it would be okay for them to pop round.  We had good night.  These guys are true friends and I didn’t feel I had to put on a face around them.  But still.  They brought rum with them.  I finished the litre bottle of vodka.
Estimated units drunk =30.5

38 units in a litre of 38% vodka + 9 units in a bottle of wine + 2 units (pub measures of vodka)

total alcohol consumption this week = 49 units

The UK government recommends women drink no more than 2-3 units per day.  The old guidelines recommended women drink no more than 14 units per week and classify “heavy drinking” in women as anything over 21 units per week.

You don’t need to be a maths wiz to see I’m way over already.

So today I feel like I’m not so much on the wagon as running frantically chasing after it shouting

“Stop! Wait for me….”

Sobriety Checkpoint ahead

And I don’t know what to do about it.

Actually that’s not quite right.  I do know what I need to do about it. 

I just don’t seem to be able to get there.

I know part of the problem is my lack of confidence.  I get scared when I’m in big groups of people.  And by big groups I mean anything over 3 or 4 people, even if it’s people I know well.  I know I use alcohol as a kind of protective mask.

I’m also in probably pretty common position in Scotland in that most of my friends like a drink.  Its how we socialise over here.  The stereotype of a drunken Scot may have some truth in it.  A Scottish Office survey found that 74% of men and 53% of women reported having had a drink in the last week.

I remember years ago I worked in a Drugs Project.  Being in a small town, one of the problems many of our users faced was that their entire social network revolved around other drug users.  If they gave up the drugs they were in effect giving up their social support network.

Well the same sort of thing applies to me and alcohol.

I can see that if I’m going to get sober I need to find other ways of socialising.  But that’s not as easy as it might seem.

I suffer from the queer paradox of being quite a sociable person yet being really afraid of people.  I find it difficult to make new friends.  I’m very fortunate to have a tiny core of really good friends who have been with me through many years of ups and downs.  They are still my friends despite months where I may have ignored their phone calls, stood them up, been so far up my own arse that I’ve failed to be there when they have a problem.  But for some reason they still seem to like me.  They however, feel like the exception.  

Nowadays when I  meet new people I always feel like I fuck things up.  I don’t feel comfortable around them.  I find it really difficult to make small talk with people.  I’m actually pretty shy.  And as for feeling like I can “connect” with new people.  Forget it.

totally shy

I’ve tried looking into joining a club or taking a class.  But the only hobby I have is playing my guitar and the local acoustic club is in a pub and everyone there knows me as a big life and soul of the party drunk. 

As for adult education classes.  There are plenty if you need help with reading or writing or basic internet use.  Plenty if you are over 60 (ballroom dancing anyone?)  But nothing really that tickles me.

I so don’t know what to do but I know I need to do something.

My hangovers are getting worse and I know that’s a sign that all is not well.

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Another Brit moaning about the weather

January 12, 2007

Forget everything I said the other day about having a dog being a good way to fight depression.  Honestly.  I’ve just got in from our daily perambulation (I have to say that rather than “walk”or he’ll get all excited and think we’re going out there again) and I’m cold and wet and my hair looks as though someone has dragged me through a hedge backwards.  I’d probably make Russell Brand look coiffed.

Russell Brand

If it keeps up much longer, and it looks like it very well might, I’m seriously going to start thinking about building an Ark.

I’ve been pretty bored this week.  Mr P has been working in Belfast all week and the kids are back at school and once I got the house strightened up there hasn’t really been much to do except taking said dog for a stroll.  My uni course doesn’t start for a few more weeks.  I’m going demented.

To start with I was enjoying the peace and quiet but now I’m longing for the weekend and the warm bosom of my family to cheer me up.

Plus, and I apologise for whinging (again) our roof is leaking.  There has been a definate damp patch in my sons room upstairs.  But it’s been raining so heavily there was water coming down the wall into my bedroom the other night.  And my room is the floor beneath him.  Have been waiting for what feels like ages to see if our house insurance will cover it but meanwhile it just gets wetter and wetter.  I’m coping best I can meanwhile with old towels to mop up the worst of it.

And I think my dog may have fleas.

I know….it makes me itch just typing that.

Our friend was round with their dog at New Year and I’m guessing that’s probably were he caught him.  But what’s the etiquette for these things.  I don’t want to accuse said friend of having a fleahound but then I don’t want to get my dog treated only for him to pick them up next time the friend and his mutt come round.  And worse…what if actually my dog had them first?  And perhaps his dog doesn’t?  The shame.  Its a bit like that moment every parent dreads.  The first time your child comes home from school with headlice. (don’t pretend you don’t even know anyone who that’s happened to…we’ve all been there).  Suggestions welcome.

Mr P gets the ferry back from Belfast tonight -weather permitting.  However have a look at this for an idea of what the sea is like today.

Portpatrick Harbour

(Photo courtesy our local RNLI Lifeboat-feel free to give them a donation, nine people are already feared lost at sea this week due to the storms)

I’m really hoping the weather calms down a bit before this evening or he may well be stuck there another night.  I’m really starting to miss him.  I miss snuggling up at night.  It’s a real physical longing.

I suppose I still have much to be thankful for.  For a start half of Scotland seems to be without power on account of the storms but we’re not.  My house isn’t in any obvious risk of flooding.  We’re all on the whole happy and healthy (I don’t count my Bipolar on days when I’m able to get out of bed).

It’s not all doom and gloom.

I checked out the website were I ordered my guitar.  They have this cool system where you can track your order online and follow it through the “leaving the factory” “entering despatch process” etc.  Well according to them my guitar was “loaded onto the truck” at 6.19 this morning.  So should be making it’s merry way towards me as we speak.  Joy!

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Self help for January blues

January 10, 2007

Well we’re now a third of the way into January and the past few days I’ve been feeling a bit flat.

But everyone gets like that this time of year, right?

Sometimes its easy to fall into the trap of thinking “eugh I feel a bit crap because I have Bipolar” instead of just realising that no, maybe you just feel a bit crap because it’s grey and cold and wet outside and the holidays have worn you out a bit physically and financially, and there’s not much to look forward to until maybe Valentine’s Day or later even…Valentines Day can suck big time…but I’ll post on that nearer the time.  I don’t want to utterly depress you all.  

And we were officially told on Monday that we didn’t get that house.

Plus my “high” seems to have peaked and I know that means the next direction is down.

So I was lying in bed yesterday morning and all these crappy thoughts are going through my head and I kept hitting the snooze button thinking that if I could get just five more minutes I’d feel better.

When I suddenly realised the fucked up logic at play here.  I was snuggling down under the duvet yes.  But each time I did my head was filled with crappy thoughts.

So I decided to try a little experiment.  I tried really hard to recall stuff I feel proud of instead. 

For example, Mr P is working away this week and touch wood, so far I’ve been managing the kids and the house okay on my own.  Little pat on the back there.

I resisted the urge to book a long weekend in Amsterdam for me and Mr P.  (I had the flights and the hotel picked and everything and was as far as the please enter your credit card details page when I thought to myself…shit…I so cannot afford this just now)

So then I thought okay I’m going to get up and make myself a coffee and try and think some more good stuff.  I sit and drink my coffee and notice the huge pile of paperwork (funding for my uni course and my DLA appeal stuff) and I thinks, right.  I’m going to get started on that.

The kids get up and we have breakfast and they all make it out to school on time.  Another wee pat on the back.  And at this point I realised there’s so much stuff like this that I do so automatically I never think of praising myself when I get it right.  Though I’m really quick to give myself a hard time when I fuck it up.

Anyway.  I managed to get half my paperwork filled out.

I discovered that if you are in receipt of Incapacity Benefit you automatically qualify for full funding with the Open University .  So instead of having to fill out a huge big form that wanted my life history, dress size and detailed breakdown of household income I more or less just had to fill out my name and address and tick the relevant box.  Doh! To think how long I’ve been putting that off.

You see, when I first got ill I had been quite good at setting myself little targets each day. This was a throwback from my NHS psychotherapist a couple of years ago.  And it really helped.  The deal was I would get up each day and pick a thing I needed to do, but couldn’t really be arsed and a thing I enjoy doing and try to make sure I do both of them.  I suppose you could go the full hog and buy little gold stars for yourself but you get the idea.

Personally I DO have a tendancy to really kick myself about what I feel I can’t do instead of praising myself for what I can.

The outside world doesn’t always see this because I’ve got clever at hiding it over the years.  I’m really good at looking like I’m coping,  but that little voice in my head gets quite loud sometimes.  The self help books call it your inner critic.  Well my inner critic can be such an opinionated bitch sometimes she could probably get a job with the New York Times. 

Cheer Up

Anyway.  I’m going to make a real effort to try and shut her up for a bit.  Or at least try not to listen to her.

And I’m going to make a real effort to do things that help me to feel good about myself.

So I thought it might be useful for if we could get a thread going about the kind of things you all do to help yourself to feel better.  Not so much the obvious stuff (the eat well, sleep well have long bubble baths kind of thing) but the quirky stuff you do.  The stuff they don’t print in the “how to survive depression and change your life in five easy steps” books

If I get anough responses I’ll set up a post with a list people can access.

Are you game?

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Quick! Lock up all the crazy people…

January 8, 2007

Mentally ill face detention

The House of Lords is to begin detailed consideration today of proposals to introduce tougher mental health laws.
The new government bill would allow the enforced detention of people who are mentally ill, even if they have not committed any crime. 

Anyone have any thoughts re this?

This new law they are proposing for England & Wales will give the state the right to forcibly detain some people with mental health problems and/or force them to comply with treatment.  Worryingly there is nothing to prevent people from being detained under the act even if there is no treatment available.

There is quite a bit of opposition to it from Mental Health charities and our elected members as it theoritically could begin a return of the old days whereby they simply lock you up and throw away the key.

As I understand it the law as it stands at the moment already allows for temporary detention and treatment if an individual is thought to be “a serious risk to themselves or others”.  This process is often called “being sectioned.”

(as you have to comply with section so and so of the current mental health act?  someone please correct me if I’ve messed that up.)

in order to be “sectioned” there has to be agreement between both social workers and doctors that the patient is a serious risk and the “sections” are time limited.  The idea being it gives the healthcare system a chance to forcibly inject enough anti-psychotics into the poor soul and gives them time (in theory) for the medications to return the patient to some semblance of rational thought.

I don’t know how it works in other parts of the world (and to be honest this legislation won’t directly affect me because Scotland has her own law system) 

So my question to you is

Anyone want to share their experiences of Mental Health Laws or tell me how it works where you live?

Britney Spears is so last year.

January 7, 2007

Well folks.  It appears I’ve gotten myself into a bit of a flame war.

As someone who likes to think of themself as pretty tolerant and generally “nice” this has come as a bit of a shock to me.

What’s even more shocking is that the site in question claims to be a feminist site!

“How,” I hear you ask, “could puddlejumper possibly fall out with a feminist?”

It all started because I had an opinion.

You can follow this in more detail if you want to here .(you could but I deleted it.  I’m bored already)

But to keep this to the point, what I wanted to know is…

Have you ever had the problem where you’ve added someone to your bloggroll and then they do or say something and so you think, “I just can’t promote them any more”.

I added Women’s Space/The Margins “the only space is in their heads” during last years Britney’s Crotch shot debacle.

I decided to join them in their gogglebombing of Britney Crotch voyeurs after a rather nasty experience with a creepy guy had left me feeling a bit cross wish *some* men. 

Not all men. 

Just the creepy ones and the ones who don’t seem to know better. 

I wanted to fight back and at the same time make a point.

I have a sense of humour too so I wanted to do something a bit tongue in cheek. 

Life is way to short to be militant about anything.

Most of you will already know this but for those who don’t, my fake Britney link led to a spoof where there was another link to my post about my very real experience with said creepy-guy.

For the record my hits went through the roof for a while.  But from the 5000 or so people who came hoping to see poor Ms Spears lack of underwear, just over 500 went on and read my post on my experience with the creep. 

However you look at it, if the creepy guy post made even one of them think that bit differently then I “done good” in my book.

But now.

Now it appears that I’ve been duped.

People tried to warn me that there was just no reasoning with some women.

And for one of you in particular, before you worry to much about me, I’m just saying my piece and then I intend to let the matter drop.

Life, as I say is way too short.

I blindy thought that the Womens Space “sow spacemen” bunch were intelligent, thought provoking, principled.

Apparently only if you “agree with them”

scold's bridle


Silly me.

I’ve now had the joy of having the owner of the site send her posse round.  They called me “full of myself”, “whiny” and (no really this is where I decided to take the gloves off) “delusional”.


I’ve got a mental illness for chrisake!

But does that mean other people should be able to just write off my having an opinion?

So Womens Space,”and they are still at it, I would link but I can’t be bothered giving them anymore hits” so long and thanks for all the fish.

Tell me folks…

Any advice for how I should best deal with this?

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